"A thought of appreciation-It only counts when given with sincerity"

What money can’t buy is time and companionship, while sincerely caring is an even more praiseworthy token of appreciation.
DDDrops Essence of Chicken Make the intangible thoughts of appreciation turn out to be tangible, take this sincerity as affection in the name of the heart.
The treasure presented is a blessing and attentiveness, and it’s more like the hidden feeling of missing that never fades away.

DDDrops Essence of Chicken takes the thought of appreciation as the only initial intention that has turned into the motivation to produce the Essence of Chicken.
With the unhurried attitude, your sense of missing has been transformed into the essence, which is produced by the delicate method of concentration for a creation of fresh sweetness. The accomplishment of DDDrops is achieved by invaluable and rigorous standards of certification.

DDDrops has insisted on select food materials to make the natural and pure DDDrops Essence of Chicken to turn on your taste buds.
Being carefully refined with the cordyceps extract, the healthy red-feather wild chicken carrying rich vitality and rigorous energy is a demonstration of extremely powerful spirit.
Drops of freshness, drops of sweetness and drops of savory goodness are the commitment of “taste” that DDDrops Essence of Chicken has insisted on.

DDDrops can be created pure with sincerity

Whoever with a thought of appreciation will choose DDDrops

Only a thought of appreciation keep everything in mind

Careful refinement with Cordyceps

The healthy red-feather wild chicken carrying rich vitality and rigorous energy

Room-Temperature Storage of the whole chicken
Drops of Essence

Multiple 6-Layer of Attentiveness
Excellent-Quality Taiwan-Bred Red-Feather Wild Chicken

Mild-Fire Stewing Method in Line with the Ancient Recipe
10-hours Essence Refinement

Rigorous Testing and Certification
The Accomplishment of DDDrops

For gift giving or personal use
A guard for your most cherished people

Thoughts of Appreciation, Drops of Sweetness

60mL / pcs,10pcs / box

Selected 100-days excellent-quality
Taiwanese red-feather wild chicken

  • Featuring a vigorous, large and bloody red comb, a long neck with short back can stand upright with vitality.
  • Excellent breeding environment, pasture-raised 100-days chicken.
  • Having 20% high content of protein and containing a variety of amino acid, the texture of the flesh over the body is solid, elastic and low fat.

Cordyceps Millitaris

also known as “north species of cordyceps”.

Pure Courtesy

Smart Method of Breading

The appreciation of pure courtesy is carried in DDDrops

Nation-Level 6-layer Courtesy gives full attentiveness to the chicken

Highest 6-layer specified courtesy:

1st Layer

Complete water filtration system, it’s an innovation of adding the nutrient solution of small marimos and the probiotics into drinking water and purified water, so that the chickens will have better physiques.

2nd Layer

It’s an innovation of adding the powder of cordyceps polysaccharide into the forage, so that the chicken will grow more vitality.

3rd Layer

High-Tech Mansion that cost NTD 10 million creates a six-star chicken coop that provides a large space warm in winter and cool in summer, odor-free with thermostat control.

4th layer

Happily enjoy the SPA with the intelligent adjustment of the daily routine and playing soft music, the chickens will have a peaceful emotion.

5th layer

Physical fitness training, the implementation of sports management and exercises of moving muscles can keep chickens energetic.

6th Layer

Breeding without using antibiotics, growth hormone (GH) or antibiotic.

Regular Inspection by the Nation-level Veterinary for a rigorous control the health of chickens

Introduction of EU SKOV, High-Tech Smart Breeding Chicken Coop

Introduction of Danish SKOV, Intelligent Biological Monitoring and Feeding System is an international leading brand in the field of animal feeding management, complete computer data recording of chicken growth.

The entire room adopts the automatic supply system of feeding and drinking water, the advanced closed-type wild chicken coop can block the outside space for the prevention of influenza infection to ensure the health of chickens and safe growth.

The new type equipment of a water curtain system, which can work 24 hours for providing comprehensively monitoring of temperature, humidity, automatic adjustment of air quality and the time of sunlight.

After each batch of chickens is shipped, the overall environment of the chicken coop will be cleaned and disinfected, and the coarse-bran pad for chicken to stamp will be replace regularly to avoid bacteria that stink.

The Roof will have solar panels, which adopt green energy saving and carbon reduction devices for environmental protection.

Delicate Orientation

Exclusive Extraction Method

A delicate-oriented method is applied to the production of DDDrops

Consistent Production Method including Rigorous Cultivation, Slaughter and dripped stewing

Selected 100 Days Mature Red-Feather Wild Chicken

  • Having 20% high content of protein and containing a variety of amino acid, the texture of the flesh over the body is solid, elastic and low in fat

Professional Smart Incubation Technology

  • Centralized incubation of eggs, computer-selection of healthy chickens and unified management can ensure the quality of chicken production

Nation-Level 6-Layer Breeding with Attentiveness

  • High Protein Formula of Forage, Cultivation in an Excellent-Quality Environment

Quarantine Checks by the Nation-level Veterinary

  • Each Batch Certified by Dual-Testing & Inspection with Health Certification

CAS Certified Slaughter Plant

  • Well-Kept Golden 3 Hours for cooking after slaughtering, no refrigeration and never frozen to ensure the freshness of DDDrops

Zero Vapor Reflux, the Leading Method in the Industry

  • The Steam water generated during the high-temperature cooking will not be mixed with the Essence of Chicken

Exclusive Patented Technology of the extraction of keratin protein from chicken

  • Each wild chicken can only produce 2 or 3 packs of Essence of Chicken, 1 pack can provide the nutrients of a half-chicken

a. Patented Stewing Method by High-Pressure Steamer :
10-hours Mild-Fire Stewing in Line with the Ancient Recipe, only the first brewing essence will be collected, no repeated extraction.

b. Essential Oil Separation Technology:
Retain the color, aroma of freshness with rich consistency. Not containing oil and low calories are good for easy absorption without burden.

Automatic Filling System

  • Minimize the possibility of contamination without processing by bare hands

High-Temperature Sterilization Technology

  • The chicken drops of essence can be well stored in room temperature to ensure the good quality

Selected High-Temperature Resistant Food-Grade Aluminum Bag

  • Vacuum Packing for heating by water heating. Tested by SGS, no aluminum dissolution, no plasticizer to meet the regulation requirements of the Food and Drug Administration

Rigorous Production Process for Strict Control of Quality

  • Strict control of no added water, no artificial additives, no preservatives etc. Also, the complete production traceability provides DDDrops with security

Pure Essence

Drops of pure sweetness

DDDrops, the Pure Essence that Carries Fresh Sweetness

The Purest Essence of Chicken

Drops of freshness, drops of sweetness and drops of savory goodness are the commitment of “taste” that DDDrops Essence of Chicken has insisted on.

Our Products contain

  • No astringency
  • No gourmet powder
  • No pesticide
  • No fat
  • No water added
  • No antibiotic
  • No cholesterol
  • No salt added
  • No preservatives
  • No aroma essence
  • No herbal medicine added
  • No plasticizer

Attentive Guard

Attentive to Your Health

Careful Safeguards and Attentiveness are carried in DDDrops

Taste dropsof fresh and sweetness to help adjust the physique, nourish the body, enhance physical strength and provide supplement to antepartum, postpartum and aftercare of recovery from illness. It's the best guard to take good care of you.

  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Maternity
  • Office worker
  • Elderly
  • Illness supplement
  • Recovery of surgery
  • Daily maintenance

True and secured

Secured Traceability

The quality of truth and security is carried in DDDrops

From breeding to the market, high-spec international management

With complete circulation record:

Raw material control, incoming and outgoing goods, warehousing and logistics as well as the inspection report are integrated for the good traceability

  • International Certification
    Food Safety Control Act

  • International Food Safety
    Standard Management System

  • Taiwan’s Excellent Agricultural Products
    Testing and Inspection Certification

  • Nation-level SGS
    Food Certification

  • 伊斯蘭 HALAL


What amino acid essential to human body is contained?

Essential amino based acids, which refers to the presence of food only, can't be synthesized in an animal body. It can only be ingested from food; these amino acids are called essential amino based acids. The essential aminobased acid essential to the growth and development of children: Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Threonine and Histidine.
The drip solution contains 9 types of essential amino based acids.
1. Lysine 268.55 mg/100 g
2. Leucine 250.66 mg/100 g
3. Phenylalanine 167.63 mg/100 g
4. Threonine 175.66 mg/100 g
5. Histidine 126.72 mg/100 g
6. Isoleucine 108.97 mg/100 g
7. Tryptophan 47.20 mg/100 g
8. Methionine 76.28 mg/100 g
9. Valine 156.28 mg/100 g

Why doesDDDrops adopt select 100-days Taiwan-bred red-feather chicken?

Taiwanese wild chicken is rich in protein, collagen and low in fat with the "two high and 1 low" feature. The flesh textured firm, chewy and is low fat with good maturity, it suitable for cooking soup, tonics or stir-fried dishes and etc. At present, Taiwanese wild chicken market is dominated by the red-feather wild chicken and the black-feather wild chicken.

The red-feather wild chicken

The red-feather wild chicken featuring a vigorous, large and bloody red comb,(The crest of a hen is slightly smaller than the rooster’s) The rooster weighs about 5.5-6 TKG (Taiwanese Kilogram), and the hen weighs about 4-5 TKG. The age of the chicken for the market is 14-16 weeks old.

The size and collagen content of the red-feather wild chicken are both higher than that of the black-feather wild chicken. Besides the difference of the species, the key factor is the time of maturity (normal it’s over 100 days). DDDrops offers a breeding environment meeting the requirements of the multiple 6-layer nation-level attentiveness, which is the determined factor to the drops of fresh sweetness and good taste of DDDrops Essence of Chicken.

What is the best way to keep healthy?

Drinking time:

It's suggested to drink one pack daily. An empty stomach has the best absorption effect. Or, drink before 5pm, it's not suitable to drink before bedtime.

How to drink?

1.Heat by cooker
  • Cut the inner bag and pour the essence into a porcelain bowl with a cover
  • Put into a cooker or a microwave for heating
2.Water-insulation heating
  • Soak the pack in the hot water or boiling hot water and heat for 3~5 minutes
  • Then, cut the inner bag and pour for serving

What attention should be paid when drinking?

Patients with gout, hypertension or kidney diseases should consult a physician before drinking.
Infants or children under two years old are not suitable drinking directly because their kidneys are not well developed.
It is recommended that infants and young children over six months old can supply DDDrops in porridge or solid food to add nutrients and flavors.