Be a Beauty Queen

A skin-repairing expert creates a beauty-queen complexion

Luxury x Tree Peony

Eastern glamor

King of flowers- Tree Peony
Beauty Queen skin adopts the Tree Peony as the brand identity because it has the image of an elegant and fearless lady living in the prosperous era in the east, charming and attractive. Giving off a feminine sensation of glamor, you deserve the skin of a beauty queen.
Elegance x Intelligence

Beauty of maturity

Audrey Hepburn once said that &quot The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.&quot
People reveal a confident glamor that gives off intelligence from accumulated experiences. Beauty Queen creates a runway for your confident and fashionable quality that attract people's attention.
Taste x Quality

One encounter, one chance.

Be faithful to oneself, a glamorous identity. With upholding the most sincere attitude, Beauty Queen provides each beautiful lady with a certified product for witnessing a skin renewal ritual of the encounter of Clear Skin→Morning skin→Beauty Queen, thus enjoying the queen-like quality of life brought to you by Beauty Queen.

Rich botanical essence

Abundant natural benefit infused into the skin
brings you a magic vitality originating from nature

Simple-luxury beauty

Exclusively for what you need
An attitude understands the good tastes of a quality life


Free of chemical thickener
paraben, preservative,
alcohol, fragrance,
mineral oil and dyes.