Having hidden under the deep sea for billions of years, the origin of the magnesium that wells up in the black tide brings the miracle of beauty

Globally unique 100% deep sea water

There are only 4 water resources that can harvest deep ocean water, and Taiwan is one of them. Sourcing from Chihsingtan on the Hualian Pacific coast, a perfect location at the depth of 618 meters(1.5 times greater than the height of Taipei 101). A pure place without any pollution, it is rich in minerals and nutrients, a water resource of the most nutritious and pure water on the ground.

Unique global patented water mining and harvesting techniques

Each bottle of water is produced after a complicated procedure by the use of special nano-membrane filtration and electro dialysis (ED). After multiple tests, VACHI deep sea water is produced and retains the deep sea nutrients and patented VACHI ingredients.

Containing rich calcium and magnesium originating from the deep ocean

600ppm high-grade ore A simple alkali element revitalizes the skin for a beautiful appearance
Magnesium: 95~180mg/L, Calcium: 20~35mg/L
Original deep sea minerals containing the proper portion of Magnesium and Calcium can protect the normal functions of muscle to boost metabolism, help maintain the functions of the digestive system, and balance health conditions.

Exclusive VACHI natural ingredients

A swift supply of vitality activates the beautiful power of new energy
Featuring a rich and mellow taste with a smooth texture, refreshing and thirst-quenching. Drink before and after workouts to increase physical strength and enhance durability for sports performance without worrying about calories. Containing rich deep sea nutrients and exclusive natural ingredients that help smooth bowel movements and beautify skincare that fills the skin with youthful energy from inside out by simply supplying vitality that makes your health conditions more energetic and free from burden.
Recommended for long-term consumption, daily amount for an adult is a maximum of 4 bottles and for a child aged 1 to 12 is 1~2 bottles.

Internationally recognized certification of food safety management specifications

We have obtained both the ISO22000 and HACCP International Food Safety System Certification of Manufacturing by regularly sending samples for SGS testing. We have obtained the VPC certification label awarded by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (MOEA), proving that VACHI is made of 100% deep sea water.


Taiwan's precious natural blue gold, pure and sustainable

The water resource of VACHI

It originates from Greenland, in the Arctic. Due to the frozen ocean surface, the density of the ocean surface is increased, thus the ice sinks vertically and forms a deep water current flowing through the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and then upwelling in the west Pacific coast. At present, there are only four places that can harvest deep ocean water, including Taiwan’s eastern region, Hawaii, Japan and Korea. Therefore, it is extremely precious, and the water is well-known as deep ocean blue gold.

The definition of deep ocean water

Ocean water 618 m below sea level with the features of low temperature, purity, and stability retains all of its minerals and nutrients and is the most nutritious and pure water on earth.

Three major uniqueness of VACHI

Aseptic purity

Sourcing from the deep ocean 618 m below sea level, it is far away from pollution and not affected by the environment on the ground surface. Also, being kept in a 6℃-9℃ low temperature environment for many years, it is able to inhibit the growth of bacteria to maintain stable water quality.

Containing rich nutrients

Containing rich magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, germanium and many other precious deep ocean minerals. Also, it contains dozens of times more nitrogen, phosphorus, silica and other inorganic nutrients and trace elements than the surface ocean water.

Being easily absorbed

Being kept under high pressure for many years, its water molecule clusters become tiny, and its mineral content is similar to human body fluids allowing easier absorption by the human body.

The mineral contents of deep ocean water (ppm)

Minerals are one of the five major nutrients maintaining physical health, and they must be supplied through the diet and drinking water. The main function of mineral is to regulate the normal operation of various physiological functions. In case of insufficient supplements, the body function cannot operate well, and a higher concentration of water means it contains a greater quantity of minerals. And the concentration of minerals mostly consists of calcium and magnesium, which are very important to the human body.



Production process

Patented water mining and harvesting techniques,
deep ocean nutritious essence

Pipe burying for water harvesting

Special membrane filtering process

Automatic production line

A team with professional patented pipe burying techniques completed the installation of pipes in the Hualian Pacific Ocean coast. Adopting a complicated procedure by the use of special nano-membrane filtration and electro dialysis (ED), after multiple tests, the deep ocean nutritious essence are produced in an electronic dust-free room with automated equipment. Strict production management ensures the secure quality.

Highest certified

100% deep sea water

Hualien deep ocean water certification

ISO 22000


All products obtained
SGS national food

Symbol of National Quality


Why VACHI deep sea water is more precious than general mineral water?

What makes VACHI deep sea water superior to general mineral water is that there are only 4 deep ocean water resources in the world. Additionally, the deep ocean water needs to be harvested by a high level of professional water harvesting techniques. Being pure without any pollution and containing rich deep ocean minerals and nutrients highlight its rare and precious value rich in healthy nutrition.

100% deep sea water
General mineral water
Water resource There are only four resources of deep ocean water. It’s harvested from Taiwan’s eastern coast 618 m below sea level, and it is 100% deep sea water. Underground water, tape water, spring water
Mineral elements Contains a variety of minerals and trace elements. Small quantity of minerals
The proportion of magnesium and calcium Less magnesium and more calcium is beneficial to human health Very small amount
Water molecules Small water molecule clusters and can be easily absorbed by the human body No
National certification VPC(100% deep sea water certification label) HACCP, ISO22000 Not all of them obtained certification

Why does VACHI deep sea water have a unique smooth texture?

VACHI deep sea water is deep ocean water containing rich minerals. As the mineral concentration is higher, the taste become stronger. In case people have insufficient mineral supplements, they might taste a bitter or salty flavor when starting to drink the VACHI. It is a normal reaction, it’s recommended to drink slowly. After drinking for a week, people can usually become accustomed to VACHI’s rich and smooth taste and experience the good taste and sweetness of VACHI deep sea water. It’s suggested to store the VACHI in the refrigerator or add ice for a better taste. 。

How do I drink VACHI deep sea water in the most healthy way?

  • It’s suggested not to heat the water.
  • It’s suggested not to drink with juice.

VACHI is a deep sea water containing rich minerals and trace nutritious elements. Once it’s heated, the natural minerals are likely to form white crystals and be less effective. Drinking with juice may destroy some nutrients. Consequently, the natural way without adding anything is the best way to drink VACHI. It’s suggested to store VACHI in the refrigerator or add ice for a better taste.。

How much VACHI deep sea water is the healthy amount to drink daily?

VACHI, deep sea water, is produced as a high-quality drink. Please drink a proper amount according at personal pleasure. However, drinking just VACHI Mei Chi that contains abundant minerals, especially with a high quantity of magnesium, can intake a sufficient daily amount of minerals. Therefore, it’s suggested to drink a maximum of 1-2 bottles.

What does the ppm (concentration) of VACHI deep sea water mean?

VACHI deep sea water is harvested from Taiwan’s eastern coast at the depth of 618 m. The higher concentration means it contains a higher quantity of minerals. And the concentration of minerals mostly consists of calcium and magnesium. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the baseline of hard water is based on the amount of calcium carbonate converted to “mg/L” (mg/liter) or “ppm” (ppm= parts per million).
The formulation is as below:
Concentration (calcium carbonate)=calcium (mg) content per liter *2.5+magnesium content per liter (mg)*4.1

Why does VACHI deep sea water specially emphasize 100 % deep sea water?

Having obtained the VPC certification label awarded by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (MOEA), VACHI has been proved to be made of 100% deep sea water. Some of the deep sea water products on the market may be simply formulated by ocean water. Adding imported concentrated deep ocean water liquid into Taiwan’s self-produced mineral water is called “Restored deep water”, or water generated from the ocean. Only harvested from the ocean water 20 meters below sea level, they are derived from the salt-making process. They don’t meet the deep water standards and contain low nutritional value.

Spirit of VACHI

VACHI is formed for spirit, being full of spirit makes people energetic.

VACHI,Vessi + Chi
Vessi = Finnish for water

The Chinese character 炁 sounds Chi, and is an ancient word. 元氣(Yuanchi) means the power of life, and water is the source of life. Yuanchi water implies water infused with the power of life. It originates from the ancient deep ocean, an upwelling pure water containing rich precious minerals and trace nutrients. VACHI energy water not only can adjust your physique, but also strives to pursue the harmonious balance between nature, ecology and humanity. Upholding the principle of natural harvest and the attitude of respecting nature, it's purpose is to achieve the comprehensive evolution of body and mind.

The Story of VACHI

Water is the source of life, the origin of all things. In order to enjoy a healthy and long life, people began to pursue pure, pollution-free and high-quality drinking water. iROC, led by the authoritative team, has explored the purest water-deep ocean water containing rich and precious deep ocean minerals and trace elements. At present, only four places including Taiwan’s eastern region, Hawaii, Japan and South Korea have access to harvest deep ocean water, thus it has being called the most precious and purest deep ocean blue gold of the 21st century.
iROC work together with an academic research team to develop multinational patented technology and have released research in International journal papers committed to the development of 100% deep ocean water with certification. VACHI is designed for different physiological functions in demand and creates a series of high quality ocean water with different mineral concentrations to take you to the “alkali” experience of extraordinary top-level good water.