The power of marine series The Sea Force Awakens the youthful glamor of the skin

Advance anti-aging repair essence30ml / bottle

Product Functions

美國專利PhytoCellTec™瑞士蘋果(MALUS DOMESTICA)提取物

The United States Patents
Delay skin aging and rejuvenate the skin layers


Replenish the skin and strengthen
the skin’s natural defense

美國專利Canadian Willowherb™柳蘭萃取液

Canadian Willowherb™Improve the appearance of darkness and dullness
for a glowing and smooth complexion


SH-OLIGOPEPTIDE-93Boost skin’s protective power against
the environmental damage


Hydrate and moisturize the skin
for a supple and skin texture

Patented ingredients

Precise proportion

High density formula

Small-molecular Essence

Product Characteristics

Rapid Permeability, Rare Deep Sea Water

Originating from Greenland at the Arctic Ocean, the ice on the ocean surface make the sea water vertical submerged due to the increased ocean density, so as to form a deep current flowing through the global surge. It is only available in eastern Taiwan, Hawaii, Japan, and South Korea in the world. And it contains abundant marine minerals that are of great benefits to the human body; therefore, it has the reputation of gold in the deep blue sea.



Place of water resource Pure deep sea 618 meters under the sea level in eastern Taiwan Groundwater, tap water, mountain springs
Mineral elements Rich in magnesium, calcium, selenium, and other trace minerals. and trace elements, magnesium helps skin health Minerals
Size of the molecular group  Small molecular groups are easier absorbed Large water molecular
National Certifications VPC (100% Sea Water Certification Label), SNQ National Quality Marking Award There’s no necessarily certification needed
Benefits Relieve dryness, strengthen skin’s natural defense, moisturize, and replenish the skin for restoring a youthful look Hydration

Regenerating and Replenishment the Exclusive Sh-oligopeptide-93

The Sh-oligopeptide-93 is an amine-based acid chelating peptide. The research results of the studies performed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research have shown that with its amazing ability of soothing and replenishment, it really enhances the skin’s protective ability against environmental damages so as to make your skin restore its youthful looking, glamorous and charming.

  • Ph.D. research and development team, Idaho State University, USA
  • Self-Owned P2 laboratory Research Center that costs ten millions of NT dollars
  • Global exclusive effective raw materials
  • 40 times better effect of soothing and relief
  • 2 times enhancement on the power of replenishment
  • 10 times enhancement on increasing skin’s natural defense

The United State Patent Dual Botanical Essence PhytoCellTec™ Canadian Willowherb™


Uttwiler Spätlauber is an ancient apple species in Switzerland and well-known for its extremely long shelf life; therefore, scientists have started in-depth research to develop a revolutionary anti-skin aging active ingredients that can help the skin restore a youthful appearance.

Canadian Willowherb™

Willowherb is native to Canada, and it’s also known as fire grass because after the forest fire, it is the most rapidly proliferating plant. Also, it can improve the appearance of skin darkness and dullness to make the skin look brighter with radiance.

The mechanism of all-In-one replenishing effect and the cycle of defense

Getting more beautiful day by day


Build the Keratinocyte network of water retention and defense


Relieve skin discomfort and replenish damaged skin

Revitalize the skin, delay skin aging, and strengthen skin's structure
Nourishing skincare

Revitalize the skin and relieve discomfort


Is the product available in special aroma?

This product upholds the demands for chemical-free aroma, all the fragrance is from the natural scent of the herbal essence!

Does this essence have a thick and condensed texture or a refreshing texture?

The texture of the essence is very refreshing. Usually, a single drop of essence can be fully absorbed after 2-3 times massages without leaving the skin a burden feel, non-sticky and non-weighty.

When the weather changes, the skin tends to feel dry and itching, can the essence help to reduce the skin sensitivity caused by dryness?

The essence contains deep sea water, sodium hyaluronate, dipotassium glycyrrhizate and allantoin, which are the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients can relieve the skin sensitivity that is caused by dryness and make your skin look supple and soft.

What is the ingredient called Sh-oligopeptide-93? What benefit can it give to the skin?

Sh-oligopeptide-93 is an exclusive ingredient that is added to the power of marine series of QINGSKIN as a kind of essential ingredient, which has amazing soothing and replenishing capabilities to enhance the skin’s protective ability against environmental damage so as to restore your skin with a youthful appearance.