Hydro Lift series

Hydro Lift Bio-cellulose Mask28ml×3pieces/ box

Product functions


HYDROLYZED YEAST EXTRACTDeep anti-aging effect
Deep anti-aging and revitalizing skin cells.


Replenishing water supply and
Strengthening the skin barrier


Deep nourishment and Smooth wrinkles


ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATEStrengthening the skin’s natural defense

美國專利 SYN®-COLL 除皺多胜肽

Reducing the fine lines and rejuvenate
the skin’s youthfulness

Patented ingredients

Precise proportion

High density formula

Built-in function

Completely adheres to the skin

Boosting penetration technology

Product feature

Premier Anti-Aging Multi Peptide Serum

  • Committed to six major additive free ingredients, which have their purity increased 50% higher than general ones.
  • Double patented ingredients help smooth wrinkles, replenish the bottom layer of the skin for a rejuvenated result.
  • Each piece contains 28ml of essence to infuse the skin with an entire bottle of essence in 15 minutes.

Exclusive patented nano super conductive bio cellulose mask

  • Exclusive patent design that is 100% fit to face shapes.
  • Completely adheres to the skin suitable to fit any face shape.
  • Highly skin friendly, the sheet is like a second adhesive layer of skin.

Patent number: D195256

Product introduction

The first function: Exclusive Patented nano super conductive bio cellouse mask

  • Infused with 500 cc coconut water that is rich in minerals, including magnesium and potassium, which are beneficial to sooth dull skin and restore plump and resilient skin. Just the mask itself is super nutritious.
  • Exclusive patent design that is 100% fit to face shapes.
  • Completely adheres to the skin suitable to fit any face shape.
  • Highly skin friendly, the sheet is like a second adhesive layer of skin.
  • Certified that it’s alcohol-free and non-irritating and leaves the skin without any burden.
  • Nanofiber is 133 times more refined than nonwoven fabric and gives you the mildest and relaxing SPA.
  • 20 nanometer ultra refined super conductive fiber
    (the width of the skin gap is 50 nanometers) can deeply penetrate into the skin gap to effectively transport the essence to the deep layers of the skin and removing the excess oil in the skin gap and purify the skin pores,cleaning and simultaneously nourishing the skin at the same time.
  • Activating Occlusive Dressing Treatment (ODT),forming a heating layer over the skin surface for a double-up effect.

The secondary function: Premier Anti-Aging Multi Peptide Essence resolves skin problems in each skin layer

Patented ATP

Repairing the cuticle barrier to reduce the skin damage caused by environmental stimulation.


Nourishing the skin and smoothing fine lines


It’s a natural element existing in the skin and features a super water retention capacity 1,000 times better than any other elements, which is the best ingredient preserving the moisture in the skin.

Small particle Deep Ocean Water

It’s an easily absorbed small particle containing more than 30 kinds of mineral elements that help to ease tired skin.


It’s beneficial to reduce the appearance of fine lines, increase skin resilience and rejuvenate the skin’s youthfulness.


Replenishing the skin by deeply penetrating to the bottom layer of the skin to fight against skin roughness and dryness so as to make the skin more refined with a glowing, smooth and soft texture.

Classic botanical ingredient strengthening the ability to protect the skin
Water supply with an innovative ingredient featuring radiance
Patented classic anti-aging ingredients
Patented ingredient deeply replenishing the bottom layer of the skin

The third function: We care more about what you are concerned.

A queen should stick to the pursuit of perfection.
  • Six major guarantees of no additives.
  • Dual-institution testing and certification for secure quality.
  • The specifications of the newly built factory meet international standards.

Six major guarantees of no additives

Product testing and certification eliminate harmful substances based onour insistenceon 6 major guarantees of no additives
Ever since the brand was established, we have upheld strict norms and continuously enhanced quality!!

Dual-institution testing and certification for secure quality

From research and development to the launch to the market, the strict specifications meet international standards.

ISO 9001

No testing on animals

All products are tested by SGS professional certification.

20 million product liability insurance

Symbol of National Quality

The specifications of the newly built factory meet international standards

ISO9001、ISO22716 and TFDA GMPinternational certifications.
Strict manufacturing quality control
The most professional skin care manufactory in Taiwan.
Under strict quality control management, every drop of water must pass23 steps before being used in the manufacturing process






What is a bio cellulos mask?

It’s like the invention of post-it sticky notes.The advent of bio cellulose masks is also a beautiful surprise. Scientists inadvertently found that during fermentation, microorganisms will produce an elastic film.After research and studies, they found that the film is breathable but waterproof, and it has an excellent coating to transport active ingredients from the skin surface into the deep layers of the skin.Therefore, a skin-like bio cellulose has been produced. A “Bio cellulose Mask” is produced by Bio-cellulose produced during the fermentation process of microorganisms. The diameter of the fiber is about 20 nanometers and can closely adhere to the skin. After applying the bio cellulose mask, the mask will appear to have an intact skin texture! Because of such a good degree of fitness, it can create a highly efficient close-conductive system, so that moisture and effective ingredients can be absorbed faster.Also, it providesa much better result for skincare than the traditional nonwoven fabric.

Comparison of mask material

Bio cellulose Mask Nonwoven Fabric Jelly Mask
Material Fermentation of microorganism Petrochemical fibers or natural material Compound jelly
Diameter of fiber About 20-100 nanometers About 500-5,000 nanometers An elastic material similar to rubber – different from fibers deeply penetrate into the skin for nourishment.
Description Refined fibers with a skin-friendly texture can deeply nourish the skin gaps. It won’t fall off due to dryness during the application. Thick fiber with hard texture doesn’t adhere to the skin. By using the feature of jelly to stick over the skin, it’s not able to